Here's What The Dragon Balls Do In Dragon Ball FighterZ

We’re just weeks away from playing like crazy in Dragon Ball FighterZ, and getting the ultimate [...]

Dragon Ball FighterZ Shenron 2

We're just weeks away from playing like crazy in Dragon Ball FighterZ, and getting the ultimate fight on between various characters from the DBZ universe. But have you ever thought to wonder what lies within its ultimate power?

We're talking, of course, about the Dragon Balls. These can be collected over the course of a match, and allow for one of four wishes to be granted mid-match, each providing an advantage in some form or another.

Bandai Namco's Twitter account recently revealed more information in terms of what the Dragon Balls can do for players. The company notes that, with the "Shenron system", players can string together a specific number of combos during battle and collect Dragon Balls as they appear on screen. Once they manage to collect them all (which can be quite a tricky feat in itself), Shenron will appear and grant the player one of four wishes.

While Bandai Namco didn't dive into specifics, the screenshot below gives you an idea of what kind of wishes are available. First up is the one to restore lost health, in case you want to stay in the match a little longer.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Shenron

Next up is "Bring back my ally!", in case one of the characters on your team is taken out. This will be able to resurrect them with ease.

Next up is "Give me the ultimate power!", and this apparently juices up your character with extra strength, making their super move even more unstoppable than ever before.

Finally, there's "Make me immortal!", and this appears to grant some form of temporary invincibility over the course of the match. There's no word on how long it lasts.

Bandai Namco should be providing more details on these abilities in the weeks ahead, leading up to the game's open beta and eventual release in early 2018. One thing's for sure – Shenron looks to mix things up in ways you possibly can't imagine.

Dragon Ball FighterZ releases on January 26th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Shenron 3