Yamcha's Dragon Ball FighterZ Theme Is Pretty Catchy

Bandai Namco released a new soundtrack video for Yamcha’s theme to get Dragon Ball FighterZ [...]

Bandai Namco released a new soundtrack video for Yamcha's theme to get Dragon Ball FighterZ buyers hyped ahead of the game's release.

The video uploaded to Bandai Namco's European YouTube account features almost three minutes of the game's Yamcha theme that'll play for the character in-game. Yamcha may be a running joke by now in the Dragon Ball series with the character getting beaten, excluded, and killed off in almost every saga across the various series, but his upbeat theme definitely doesn't make him seem that way.

Dragon Ball FighterZ doesn't make the human fighter seem like much of a pushover either. Though the game's not out yet, from early test runs of the various characters and their abilities, Yamcha is shaping up to be one of the game's more dominant fighters. If that continues to be true by the time the game's fully out and everyone has a chance to get acquainted with various characters, combos, and strategies, Yamcha's theme might be heard fairly often in online matches as he runs players down with his signature Wolf Fang Fist.

A breakdown of Yamcha's fighting style was released back in December that highlighted the character's Wolf Fang Fist ability that the majority of his kit is based around. He's got quite a few variations of the move as well to allow him to adapt to different scenarios, keep opponents on their toes, and send them flying with mix-ups and Supers.

Compared to the rest of the game's roster, Yamcha actually has many more fighting abilities than others with different input commands for each. While fighters like Teen Gohan and Cell have around six or seven different attacks, Yamcha has 12 at his disposal, 10 of which involve the Wolf Fang Fist in some form. The majority of his Wolf Fang Fist attacks don't require Ki usage either, so he can use them continually to build up to his Ultimate Wolf Fang Fist attack that costs three bars.

Yamcha may be a force to contend with in Dragon Ball FighterZ, but he's still just one of 24 characters to get to know when the game releases on Jan. 26.