Next Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Adds Fused Zamasu

One of the next Dragon Ball FighterZ characters to be added through DLC appears to be Fused Zamasu according to some magazine scans.

Shonen Games shared the scans from the magazine on Twitter while crediting Twitter user Veru for the scoop. The scans showed an entire page dedicated to Fused Zamasu and the fighter’s abilities along with the Dragon Ball FighterZ logo front and center to confirm that the dimension-traveling villain will be coming to the latest Dragon Ball game.

The names of Fused Zamasu’s abilities weren’t detailed in the magazine, so while it’s unknown exactly what all his full kit will involve, his abilities look to be devastating. Towards the bottom of the magazine’s page, it appears to show off Fused Zamasu’s level-3 Super among other abilities in his moveset.

After sharing the scans, others chimed in with more information on Fused Zamasu. According to one response on Twitter, Fused Zamasu will move about the various arenas slightly differently compared to other fighters. While other fighters can soar through the air to pursue enemies or land certain attacks, Fused Zamasu will supposedly have more control over his in-air movement. The fighter will reportedly have a “float” stance that allows him to remain in the air and move in eight different directions.


When the screens were first revealed, it was thought that SSGSS Vegito was also confirmed as a DLC character. The fused, blue-haired Vegito hasn’t actually been confirmed just yet since he wasn’t included in the screens, but if a previous DLC leak is to be believed, Vegito Blue will be released at the same time as Fused Zamasu. Only Broly and Bardock have been released so far and were made available at the same time, and with the leak scheduling those two to be out first with Fused Zamasu and Vegito Blue following soon after, it makes sense that Vegito Blue is on the way as well, especially when you consider the fighter’s relationship with Fused Zamasu in Dragon Ball Super.

Bandai Namco was teasing something about the next DLC earlier in the day, and while many people guessed fighters like Cooler, it looks like this is what Bandai Namco was hyping players up for. With the V-Jump scans out and Bandai Namco starting the teasers, expect to see reveal trailers for Fused Zamasu and possibly Vegito Blue sometime soon.