Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero Will Have First-Person Scenes and Alternate Stories

Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero's Episode Battle feature sounds like it's worth experiencing.

Soon-to-be Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero players already learned this week that the game will offer split-screen multiplayer albeit with some caveats to make it possible, but in addition to that often requested feature, the Dragon Ball game will have additional modes outside of the normal online experience. Those include an Episode Battle mode akin to a story playthrough where you'll be able to relive different moments from the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super stories, but these stories will look a bit different at times than players are used to. That's because players will have the option to take these stories in different directions through alternate routes, and in some cases, they can even be seen through a first-person perspective.

Jun Furutani, the producer working on Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero who talked about the split-screen mode recently talked in the same video about the Episode Battle mode. Sparking! Zero has tons of different characters from throughout Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, so of course not all of them can be featured in the Episode Battle mode as playable characters. Instead, the mode will focus on eight different fighters with Goku naturally getting the majority of the attention.

"In this single-player mode, you can take the point of view of eight different characters, including Goku and Vegeta, and enjoy famous battles from the anime, some of the most iconic fights in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super," Furutani said. "For example, Goku has the largest number of stages, beginning from when he fights Raditz up to and including his fights in the Tournament of Power Saga."

While most of those will be played from the third-person perspective just as if you were watching the shows, some parts will be shown in first-person instead.

"Additionally, certain cutscenes allow players to experience parts of the story from a first-person perspective, which we hope will allow players to further immerse themselves in the characters' experiences," he continued.

Another feature highlighted was the option to change how the stories play out. One example shown was when Raditz invaded and Goku was presented with the option to either bring Piccolo with him to confront the Saiyan, or he could go it alone. It's unclear just how many of these options players will have and how greatly they'll affect the game's stories.

Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero is scheduled to release on October 11th.