Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Reveals New Screenshots of Trunks, Android 18, Goten, and More

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, the upcoming video game based on the manga and anime of the same name, is set to release in the near future, but that hasn't stopped the fine folks at Bandai Namco from continuing to release new images and screenshots of characters from the game. Take, for example, the latest release, which includes several new official shots of Android 18, Trunks, Goten, and more.

The screenshots, which you can check out embedded below, first made the rounds as part of a spread in Weekly Shonen Jump. Several were included in the scans of those pages, but the official images are clean, crisp, and not obfuscated by overlays and the like. It's one of the best looks we've been given yet at characters like Android 18 in action.

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Here's how Bandai Namco describes Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot over on the game's official website:

"Relive the story of Goku in DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT! Beyond the epic battles, experience life in the DRAGON BALL Z world as you fight, fish, eat, and train with Goku. Explore the new areas and adventures as you advance through the story and form powerful bonds with other heroes from the DRAGON BALL Z universe."


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is set to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on January 17, 2020. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the anime video game right here.