Here's When the Dragon Quest Movie Is Coming to Netflix

Last month, Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii announced that the twelfth entry in the beloved RPG franchise "is still a ways away." Many were no doubt disappointed to hear the news, but that doesn't mean there won't be other Dragon Quest releases for fans to get excited about before the game's eventual release. For example, today Netflix revealed the release date for Dragon Quest: Your Story, the first film ever based on the series. Your Story released in Japan last August, but viewers in North America will be treated to it on the streaming service starting February 13th! While the movie will skip theaters, it did release theatrically in Japan, where it earned more than $11 million.

Your Story is loosely based on the events of Dragon Quest V, originally released on the Super Famicom, and later PlayStation 2, and Nintendo DS. The game's narrative takes place over the course of 30 years, following the player's birth through marriage and even following the story of their children. The movie features a number of characters straight from the game, though some creative choices had to be made, considering that the RPG gave the player a number of freedoms in the story, in particular which character they could choose to marry.

Dragon Quest: Your Story released to mostly mixed reviews, with several fans voicing their displeasure over the voice acting cast (which used live-action actors instead of professional voice actors), and one story beat in particular that deviates heavily from the game towards the end of the film. Considering the popularity of the franchise in Japan versus North America, it will be interesting to see how the latter audience feels about the film, particularly those without strong feelings about the source material.

Interestingly enough, February 13th was already a day that gamers had in their calendars for a different film based on a video game: Sonic the Hedgehog! Of course, Paramount's film starring Sega's blue blur will be in theaters, while Dragon Quest will be on Netflix, so the two video game franchises won't exactly be going head-to-head. If anything, it makes it a bit cheaper for gamers to have a double feature, that day!

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