Did Sega Just Confirm the Dreamcast Mini?

Miniature versions of fan favorite consoles from the past is nothing new, but Nintendo made that [...]

Miniature versions of fan favorite consoles from the past is nothing new, but Nintendo made that nostalgia play one worth going for when they introduced the NES Classic. With more consoles that followed, it looks like Sega could be the next to offer up another way to bring classics back into our living rooms - at least if this Sega Japan tweet means what we think it means.

The official Sega Japan Twitter account tweeted out an image with different color variations to choose from for a Dreamcast Mini. Without having actually confirmed this system, it looks like the team did just that with the different color options.

We know a lot of people that would be all for a Dreamcast Mini, especially the team here. Our own Robert Workman mentioned in his plea to Sega, "Of course, there are some hurdles that would have to be overcome. For example, figuring out an online network along the lines of SegaNet, and putting in the work to make sure it's maintenanced. After all, none of the other all-in-one systems have online functionality, though there's word that the forthcoming Intellivision one will have downloadable games."

He added, "So maybe Sega would have to figure out a solution there. But still, it'd be worth it, especially if it can get a version of Phantasy Star Online up and running. That series has a huge following in Japan, and giving it a second chance at life on other markets would be just the ticket for its resurrection. We'd definitely be down for buying it again, and engaging in another epic battle with buddies."

The system first hit it big in the early 2000s, despite Sega's decision to shut down support for the console regarding third-party publishing. The system itself was a huge hit with the market, and gave us games and peripheral support that holds up to this day.

It does make you wonder though ... could the Dreamcast Mini be next? And if so, what comes after that? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!