Dreams Player Recreates Google's T-Rex Game

Dreams players have already built all kinds of creative and mesmerizing projects in the PlayStation 4 exclusive even though it's only in early access right now. The game turns players use with tools to build their own worlds and games, and players are quickly catching on. Many of the various creations take inspiration from other games in Sony's massive library and others like the Dead Space games and the Kirby franchise, but one user's creation took a cue from an unlikely source for a game.

One player who goes by carloitaben on Reddit created a Dreams version of Google's Tyrannosaurus Rex game that appears whenever someone doesn't have an Internet connection. The player's game is called T-Rex Run! Chrome Dinosaur Game and lets players control a small T-Rex that has to run and jump over various cacti with a minimal setting scrolling through the background. A score in the top-right corner keeps track of how far a player has gone and hitting one of the obstacles will end the game.

via Gfycat

If you've never experienced Google's game yourself, all it takes to play the game is to open Google Chrome and make sure you don't have a working Internet connection. Google's browser should tell you that you aren't connected to the Internet and will show a dinosaur on the screen. From there, pressing the spacebar on a keyboard or tapping your phone if you're on a mobile device will start the game and the dino's run. Just keep performing the same action after that to jump over the obstacles and see how far you can get before your Internet connection returns.

The dinosaur game is a perfect, simple example of what you can create in Dreams, though other players have made some much more complicated projects. Scenes from Silent Hill 2 have already been made, and there will likely be many more interesting creations once the game fully releases.


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