PlayStation Reveals Dreams Release Date

The new community-powered game from the creators of the LittleBigPlanet series now has a release date with Media Molecule’s Dreams releasing for the PlayStation 4 on February 14th. Dreams was originally announced years ago in 2015 but saw more than one delay for an open beta and for the game itself ahead of its upcoming release date. Players have had a chance to try it out themselves this year though and have already shown off the potential of the creative tools given to players.

Sony and Media Molecule announced the release date for Dreams during this week’s big State of Play event and said that it’d be out early next year. Dreams was one of the first big games to take the stage during the livestream following some other smaller reveals, and considering how often Sony and Media Molecule have given players chances to try it and see what other players could create, it makes sense that it’d make an appearance during the final State of Play of the year.

A page for Dreams that’s found on Sony’s page offers more info about the experience it offers that’s driven by the community as they create their own games and experiences for players to explore.

“Play in the Dreams of the game makers at Media Molecule,” Sony’s description of the game said. “Experience a fun-packed story across three different genres as you explore with your customisable imp guide. Or just get lost Dream Surfing through the creations of the global community, continually discovering new content in the ever-expanding Dreamiverse.”


This community aspect of the game is probably the one that people have heard of the most even if they haven’t played Dreams themselves. People have recreated cinematics and other parts of beloved games in Dreams and shared them with others in the past, and once the game is in players’ hands, you can expect many more of these creations to be made.

Those keeping up with Dreams may recall that this release date actually leaked ahead of schedule, though it wasn’t confirmed at the time. We know now though that the game will be out on February 14th, so expect to see what the community can do with it after that date.