Due to Negative Feedback, Blizzard Pulls the Restrictive Arena Synergy Changes From Hearthstone

Blizzard made the quick decision to drop the changes made to the Arena Mode during the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion for Hearthstone after receiving a flood of negative feedback.

In a recent Reddit post, Hearthstone designer Mike Donais replied to a player's post about the recent changes effectively giving a rough outline as to when these changes can be expected, "This won't be removed in the Balance patch as that was added as a quick bonus patch," he stated, "It will be removed in a patch after that though."

In the Arena Mode, Hearthstone players pick cards at random leading up to a complete deck of 30 cards. The Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion saw a tweaking of this mode, basically limiting the first two card types to specific synergy cards. In theory, this was intended to provide a solid base for a player's deck by narrowing the options to a specific pool of cards designed to help. In practice, however, many players reported that it was forcing them to make "sub-par" decisions because only certain cards would work with such a small pool.

Immediately after Donais replied to the original post, many players were quick to sound off with their appreciation for the swift response time to the issue. Though there is no definitive timeline on when this specific update will occur, it won't be relatively long since it is in the immediate lineup of targeted issues.

For those currently enjoying Hearthstone, the Knights of Frozen Throne update is now live.


(via Reddit)