Dungeons & Dragons Is Testing an Iron Man Subclass for Artificers

Dungeons & Dragons is testing out a new subclass that turns an Artificer into Iron Man. The new [...]

Dungeons & Dragons is testing out a new subclass that turns an Artificer into Iron Man. The new Armorer subclass for Artificers is one of three new subclasses being tested for Dungeons & Dragons along with the Circle of Stars Druid and the Fey Wanderer subclass for Rangers. All three subclasses were released in a new Unearthed Arcana packet released earlier today. D&D players can try out these new subclasses and provide feedback on them before they're potentially put into a new publication for official use.

As its name suggests, the Armorer subclass focuses on an Artificer upgrading their armor and refining it with various upgrades. At Level 3, an Artificer can turn any suit of heavy armor into "Power Armor," which automatically attaches to them and can't be removed against their will. The Armorer can upgrade their Power Armor with things like Thunder Gauntlets, Lightning Launchers, or Defensive Fields, and players can further upgrade pieces of their armor with their Artificer infusions when they reach higher levels.

The Circle of the Stars Druid is a druid that can wield the power of the cosmos through the study of the stars. One notable ability of Circle of the Stars Druids is the ability to use their Wild Shape to change into a Starry Form, which grants the Druid various abilities depending on what constellation they choose to display on their body. At higher levels, the Druid's Starry Form becomes partially incorporeal, and they can also generate a powerful Star Flare that can simultaneously teleport allies and damage foes.

The Fey Wanderer Ranger subclass is the latest Unearthed Arcana with a link to a non-Material Plane. The Fey Wanderer attempts to lead lost souls out of the Feywild while preventing dangerous fey from entering our world. As a Fey Wanderer, a Ranger gains access to extra spells, has advantage on saving throws against being charmed or frightened, and can manipulate mind-altering magic to their advantage. When Fey Wanderers reach 15th Level, they can even cause people to stop perceiving them, basically turning the Ranger invisible to a particular person's eye. This effect lasts for 24 hours, but the target can repeat their saving throw whenever the ranger damages them or forces them to make a saving throw.

All three subclasses are pretty interesting, especially the Fey Wanderer, which continues to suggest a "Planescape" theme for an upcoming Dungeons & Dragons publication. You can get full details about the Unearthed Arcana subclasses on the D&D website.