A Popular 'Dungeons & Dragons' Character Has Met His Demise

Penny Arcade fans will be heartbroken to learn that Binwin Bronzebottom, the popular dwarf [...]

Penny Arcade fans will be heartbroken to learn that Binwin Bronzebottom, the popular dwarf fighter/barbarian played by Scott Kurtz, has tragically passed away.

Binwin met his demise during a guest appearance in Dice, Camera, Action, the flagship streaming show of Dungeons & Dragons' Twitch channel. The dwarf had joined up with Dice, Camera, Action's Waffle Crew, but was petrified by the legendary beholder Xanathar and then disintegrated by another one of Xanathar's deadly eye stalk rays. Binwin did die a hero, though, as his final javelin attack blinded Xanathar's central eye and gave the Waffle Crew (who has been feuding with Xanathar for weeks) time to escape.

Binwin Bronzebottom was a founding member of Acquisitions Inc., one of the earliest Dungeons & Dragons podcasts and a longtime favorite among fans. Acquisitions Inc. was originally organized by Wizards of the Coast and the creative team of the webcomic Penny Arcade back in 2008 as a way to introduce the then new "Fourth Edition" ruleset to the masses. While Critical Role is often credited for popularizing the live play genre that's now a huge part of the tabletop RPG community, Acquisitions Inc. and its popular live shows at various PAX conventions were the first example of huge audiences getting invested into a game of D&D that they weren't playing.

As the tank of the party, Binwin often took the brunt of the damage, both from attacking monsters and from unsuspecting traps. Binwin stayed a part of Acquisitions Inc. for nine years, but retired the character from the podcast back in 2017. Since then, Kurtz started a spinoff webcomic called Binwin's Minions, which appears on Kurtz's PvP website.

Dice, Camera, Action is set in the same continuity as the Acquisitions Inc. Chris Perkins, the original DM of Acquisitions Inc., is the DM of Dice, Camera, Action and the two shows have made occasional references and crossovers to one another. Binwin is considered a legendary hero in the Acquisitions Inc. continuity, so it could be interesting to see how his death impacts the future of both live shows.

Although fans are mourning the death of Binwin online, Kurtz seems to have taken the death of his beloved character with good humor. He recently posted an animation of Binwin's demise, which can be seen below.