Dungeons & Dragons Explorer's Guide to Wildemount Hits the Magical 40% Discount


The upcoming Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings book entitled Explorer's Guide to Wildemount was announced earlier this week, and it will allow you explore the world of Critical Role beginning on March 17th. However, you'll want to book your ticket early because the book probably isn't going to get any cheaper in pre-order than it is right now.

Pre-orders are live here on Amazon for $29.97 (40% off). Typically, Dungeons & Dragons books max out at 40% off for brief periods of time during the pre-order period, hovering mostly in the 20% to 30% off range. Note that you won't be charged until the book ships, and you'll automatically get the biggest discount that occurs between the time that you pre-order and the release date. So even if the price does go a bit lower (42% off isn't unheard of ahead of launch), you'll automatically get the discount. You can check out more news about Explorer's Guide to Wildemount right here.


On a related note, an official Dungeons & Dragons D20 lamp launched earlier today that will be an outstanding centerpiece for your tabletop adventures. The feature list hasn't been revealed but, as you can see from the image above, it will include multiple color settings.

The Dungeons & Dragons D20 lamp is available to pre-order right here for $40.99 with free shipping slated for March. Quantities appear to be limited, so jump on it while you can. The lamp is part of a wave of new D&D products that includes this fantastic D12 mug and this equally fantastic heat change mug. Additional items are available right here.


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