New Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms Lore Video ft. Matt Mercer

Dungeons & Dragons is not even close to being a new concept but over the years, this iconic [...]

Dungeons & Dragons is not even close to being a new concept but over the years, this iconic franchise has grown exponentially with spin-offs, inspired works, and highly popular live-streamed campaigns. Whether you're a veteran of this tabeltop paradise or a newcomer all together, the lore can get a bit confusing at times because there's just so much to handle. Luckily, we've got just the video.

We've shared the Lore in a Minute YouTube channel quite a bit in the past. They are renowned for putting a comedic spin on lore videos made in a 60 second format; perfect for catching up without having to sift through a prolonged setup. It also means that the subject is often simplified, making it easier for newcomers to follow along.

Not only does the latest video discuss what Forgotten Realms means to the D&D community in terms of history, but it is also voiced by Matthew Mercer! For those that may not be aware, Mercer is incredibly well-known in the tabletop community and is the iconic DM for the Critical Role streamed campaign. The Lore crew couldn't have picked a better person to voice their latest video.

Not in a place where you can watch the video? No worries, the team is phenomenal when it comes to providing a transcript so that viewers can follow along. Don't worry though, the video is completely SFW.

Mercer began the video stating, "First there was nothing, then overgod Lord Ao created Selune and Shar twin goddesses, creators of The Astral Sea, planets like Abeir-Toril and the goddess, Chauntea. Chauntea begged for warmth to create life on Abeir-Toril and Selune agreed, but Shar refused, sparking the War of Light and Darkness. As new deities were created in the conflict, Selune reached into the Plane of Fire to create the Sun. Enraged, Shar attacked, but Selune tossed her divine essence (gross) at Shar, creating the magical goddess, Mystryl and The Weave, the source of magic later accessed by mortals."

But where destruction can bring an end, it also can bring a beginning and with Forgotten Realms, that new start was wrought with chaos, "Shar was defeated but meanwhile, the Primordials, elemental beings of chaos, wanted Abeir-Toril for themselves, so Shar and Selune teamed up for the Dawn War. The Primordials were ultimately imprisoned but only after The Night Serpent consumed the sun. Thankfully, a new sun was created, melting the ice and welcoming the five Creator Races: Sarrukh, Batrachi, Aearee, Fey and Human.

Lord Ao, however, ignored most mortals, preferring to oversee the deities, balancing their alignments of good, evil, lawful, chaotic or neutral and ranking them by the number and devotion of their followers. Gods meddled to gain followers, while some mortals proved popular enough to ascend to godhood."

This cycle brought upon thousands of years of new races being spawned, including our beloved Elves. Civilizations rose, and entire empires fell. " From the floating cities of Netheril to the Drow settlements of the Underdark, explore ancient dungeons, discover magical items, melee malicious monsters or flirt with a handsome halfling at the pub, whatevs. Just don't cozy up to any gelatinous cubes."

So you know, it's cheery.