Dungeons & Dragons Gets Two More Funko Pop! Figures

Dungeons & Dragons has two new Funko Pop! figures, which are available to pre-order now exclusively at GameStop and EB Games. Funko Pop! versions of Strahd and a Mimic have launched as part of Funko's Funkoween event. Both figures also come with a specially designed d20. You can check out a first glimpse of both figures below:

Strahd von Zarovich is one of Dungeons & Dragons' most iconic villains, a vampire lord who rules over Barovia, one of the many Domains of Dread found in Ravenloft. Strahd has appeared in multiple Dungeons & Dragons adventures, including the popular Curse of Strahd, which had a "Revamped" edition released last year. Meanwhile, the Mimic is an iconic monster known for its ability to mimic inanimate objects. While the mimic likes to pose as treasure chests to lure in unaware adventurers, the Mimic Pop! figure has taken the form of a Funko Pop! box.

The Strahd figure in particular is relevant as Dungeons & Dragons has just released a new book that fleshes out the world that Strahd is trapped in Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft not only explores Strahd's history, but also the histories of many of his fellow Darklords, each of whom were trapped in their individual domains for various kinds of unspeakable acts of evil. For Strahd's part, he murdered his brother so that he could try to woo his brother's wife Tatyana. In the midst of this, Strahd became Dungeons & Dragons' first vampire and saw his whole kingdom transported to Ravenloft, where he is endlessly doomed to seek out Tatyana's reincarnation only to be rejected over and over.

Strahd and the Mimic join a line of Dungeons & Dragons Funko Pop! figures that includes the iconic drow ranger Drizzt, the popular character Minsc, and monsters like gelatinous cubes and mind flayers. There is also a line of Critical Role Funko Pop! figures featuring the characters of that Campaign 1 cast.


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