Publisher Releases 'Game of Thrones' Style Campaign Compatible with Dungeons and Dragons

Arcana Games has released a new 'grim and gritty' Dungeons and Dragons campaign perfect for fans of Game of Thrones.

The independent games publisher has released "Sellswords," a new campaign that uses Dungeons and Dragons' Fifth Edition Rules. Loosely set in the Forgotten Realms, the campaign centers around a group of mercenaries taking advantage of a looming war to profit off of villages in need of protection.

"Sellswords" isn't a very long campaign - it only contains three adventures for Level 1-3 characters and should take about 12-16 hours to complete. However, it's the perfect start for a group of players looking to jump into a world that's a little less fantastical and a little more bloody than normal D&D campaigns. Players will need to deal with NPCs that are conniving and complicated but not necessarily "evil," along with the usual threats of orc invasions or zombie uprisings.

While not an official D&D product, the new campaign was released via the DMs Guild, a Wizards of the Coast sanctioned community content program that allows DMs to publish homebrewed content using D&D properties. Players can purchase the campaign on DMs Guild and then download a PDF containing the adventure to their computer, tablet, or phone.

Arcana Games seems to specialize in low-level adventures; they've made several available on DMs Guild along with several "One Page Dungeons" that contain some adventure hooks, encounters, and custom loot.

Arcana also has a "Blood and Bones" RPG that shares a "gritty fantasy" style with "Sellswords" and uses a streamlined d20 system with a few big changes. Most notably, "Blood and Bones" doesn't use classes, but instead allows players to custom-build characters via a Traits system.

Of course, if you want an official Game of Thrones tabletop RPG, you should be able to hunt down Green Ronin Publishing's A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, which came out in 2009 but is still in print. Dragon magazine also released a bit of Game of Thrones content back in 2003, including several statblocks for characters like Tyrion and Sandor Clegane and a custom prestige class for a member of the Night's Watch.

"Sellswords" is pretty inexpensive - running only $4.99 on DMs Guild. You can check out a preview here and purchase the PDF here.