Get Into the Halloween Spirit With These Dungeons & Dragons Hunts

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement contains multiple quests and mini-adventures perfect for the Halloween season. Do you need a spooky adventure for your Halloween Dungeons & Dragons session, but don't have time to plan out a complex campaign? Or maybe you're looking for a D&D adventure that pays homage to some of your favorite horror or sci-fi franchises? No matter what you're looking for, Monster Hunts: Halloween has an adventure that's perfect for your Halloween D&D plans. The new adventure anthology, written by Vall Syrene and Jimmy Meritt, contains 10 fully fleshed out quests that can be completed in 1-2 sessions and all fit within a Halloween theme.

Each adventure centers around a "hunt," which puts players on a path towards confronting some sort of monstrous creature. Not every creature is necessarily meant to be killed, but players should feel like they're facing down a spooky danger no matter what mission you choose. Each hunt also comes with an encounter map where players will eventually confront and possibly battle their quarry.

Monster Hunts: Halloween draws inspiration from different classic horror movies, TV shows, and other bits of pop culture. From an adventure modeled after It to A Nightmare on Elm Street-style confrontation against a Night Hag, observant players should eventually realize that they're playing the D&D equivalent to some of their favorite Halloween movies. There's even a quest handed out by a pair of characters who looks and acts a lot like Shaggy and Scooby Doo. Completing each quest comes with a special reward or item, which can also be incorporated into a wider D&D campaign.


Monster Hunts: Halloween is the perfect supplement for the D&D DM looking for a fun and quick Halloween adventure. You can purchase Monster Hunts: Halloween on the DMs Guild for $4.95.