'Dungeons & Dragons' House Rule Gives Players a Chance to Instantly Create Their Own Best Friend or Worst Enemy

A popular set of Dungeons & Dragons house rules gives players a chance to instantly craft their own allies and enemies in an instance.

Earlier this year, Geek & Sundry writer David Nett shared a set of house rules for his games of Dungeons & Dragons that have gone viral online multiple times. The rules allow players to declare that they "know a guy" and instantly create an NPC with connections to their character. After creating the NPC, the DM then takes control of the character and has the player make a Charisma check to see how the NPC reacts to seeing the character.

As explained by Nett in the original tweets below, the rule was meant to mimic the introduction of Lando Calarissian in The Empire Strikes Back, when Han expresses uncertainty about how Lando would actually greet Han when he approaches Lando for help. Not only does this give players a chance to instantly flesh out some of their backstory, it also gives DMs more characters that can become central to a storyline later on.

The full explanation of the house rule can be seen below:

Nett's rules have been shared countless times on Twitter and Facebook, most recently by D&D franchise creative director Mike Mearls, who praised it as adding action and uncertainty to the game. Others have suggested certain additions to the rule, such as limiting how many times a player can use it based on that player's Charisma modifier.


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