Joe Manganiello Talks 'Dungeons & Dragons' on 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert'

Actor Joe Manganiello made an appearance on last night's The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to [...]

Actor Joe Manganiello made an appearance on last night's The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to talk about Dungeons & Dragons.

Manganiello, best known for his appearances in True Blood, Magic Mike, and Justice League, stopped by the late night talk show to talk about all things D&D and Manganiello's new Death Saves streetwear line.

Manganiello is an avowed D&D fan and has made multiple appearances on various D&D streaming shows, including Critical Role. Manganiello's best known character is Arkhan the Cruel, an Oathbreaker Dragonborn Paladin. When explaining his character to Colbert, Colbert quickly revealed his own love for D&D by referencing Bahumet, the dragon god who stands in direct opposition to Arkhan's chosen deity.

Unsurprisingly, the interview went deep into Manganiello and Colbert's shared nerd passions, with the two geeking out over fantasy books and Manganiello's D&D-themed basement. Manganiello also explained some of the origins behind his Death Wears streetwear line, namely that it combined many of the passions that he and other D&D fans had while growing up in the 1980s. "When I was a kid, if you played Dungeons & Dragons, you also listened to Metallica, you read Stephen King, you had a glow in the dark Led Zeppelin poster on your wall, you had an Iron Maiden t-shirt, you hung out at the arcade, you read comic books. It all went together," Manganiello said. "So I'm combining them all together under one banner."

The pair even rolled d20s after Manganiello explained what a death saving throw was to Colbert and the audience. Manganiello, of course, rolled a natural 20.

Manganiello even threw a little shade at fellow D&D enthusiast Vin Diesel, after Colbert asked who Manganiello played D&D with. Manganiello noted that his house had become a hub for D&D among Hollywood actors, writers, and producers, and that no one who plays with Manganiello had ever played with Diesel. However, Manganiello mentioned that Taran Killam and the WWE's Big Show were both part of his home D&D group. The interview ended with Manganiello inviting Colbert to play D&D with him when he comes to Los Angeles, which means we might see even more D&D on Colbert's show in the future.

You can watch the full interview up above. Manganiello's Death Save streetwear line is available for sale on their website.