Dungeons & Dragons Teases Announcement for This Week

Dungeons & Dragons could be announcing some new details about some upcoming products this week. Earlier today, Dungeons & Dragons announced its weekly streaming schedule, which includes a mix of live play shows, D&D produced podcasts, and other weekly shows. What stood out on the schedule was a "mystery slot" that will take place on May 21st at 12 PM PT. No other details were given about what will air in that time slot, but the popular speculation is that it could be tied to a new product announcement.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Dungeons & Dragons as much as other brands in recent months. While the game has enjoyed another resurgence due to how easy it is to play online through video chats, Wizards of the Coast announced a month delay in the physical release of Mythic Odysseys of Theros. Additionally, the brand never announced plans for a D&D Live event for 2020, which traditionally takes place in May.

D&D Live is usually used as a platform to announce the game's next adventure book, so it seems possible that Dungeons & Dragons will use this week's mystery announcement to announce its next adventure instead. Other possibilities include an anthology book organized by D&D designer Kate Welch, or some sort of rulebook featuring some of the many subclasses Dungeons & Dragons has released for public playtesting later this month.

Of course, this is all speculation, so maybe the D&D mystery slot on Twitch isn't a product announcement at all, but rather a new high profile Twitch show! Given the way D&D's social media account teased the slot, it seems more than likely that we'll get some sort of news about the future of Dungeons & Dragons this week. You can check out D&D's tweet pointing out its mystery program below:


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