Dungeons & Dragons Monsters Are Now Adorable Plush


Dungeons & Dragons monsters are far less terrifying now that Kidrobot has transformed them into adorable 7.5 inch plush. A Beholder, Snowy Owlbear, Displacer Beast, and Mimic have joined the Phunny plush lineup, and no DM should be without them.

Use them as a prop during your games or simply throw them at players during battles. They're soft! They're also pretty inexpensive at $14.99 each. You can pre-order the entire gang here at Entertainment Earth with a release date set for October.


As Dungeons & Dragons fans know, Mimics lure in prey by assuming the shape of inanimate objects like Kidrobot plush and treasure chests filled with dice. Indeed, many an adventurer has been trapped by a Mimic dice box, but this new, officially licensed version is more enticing than most.

This D&D Mimic features more orange eyes and fangs than any dice box that we've seen in the past. Inside you'll find a glossed purple mouth where you can store dice and other treasures. The resin cast is even hand-painted. Fortunately, it doesn't include any adhesive or pseudopods, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your Mimic won't pummel you.

If you're sold on this new Dungeons and Dragons Mimic Dice box, you can pre-order one here at Merchoid for $62.99 with all taxes and shipping fees included. It's set to arrive on your doorstep in July, 2021.


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