'Dungeons & Dragons' Supplement Explores One of Eberron's Most Mysterious Regions

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement serves as a setting guide for one of Eberron's most dangerous and deadly regions. Eberron is a war-torn D&D campaign setting created in the early 2000s that subverts many of the standard fantasy tropes found in other D&D worlds. It's a place where halflings ride dinosaurs and magically-powered trains criss-cross across continents. At the heart of Eberron's history is the Mourning, a mysterious arcane event that wiped out the nation of Cyre and directly led to the end of the Last War, a conflict that involved many of Eberron's various nations.

The Mourning wiped out the country of Cyre and left the Mournland in its place. The Mournland is Eberron's most mysterious region, a land covered in dead-grey mist and filled with dead bodies that refuse to decompose. A new DMs Guild supplement explains what awaits those who dare venture inside the Mournland. Kendal Santor's Treatise on the Mournland is a 77-page suppliment organized by Alan Tucker and written by nearly 20 different writers.

In addition to detailing the geography and places within the Mournland, Kendal Santor's Treatise on the Mournland also contains a nearly 50 page bestiary with some of the bizarre monsters that lurk within its mists. In addition to living spells (including deadly Fireballs and Cloudkills) there's also a guide to building monsters warped by the mists of the Mournland. Warped monsters gain extra AC, damage resistances, or even legendary actions that they wouldn't otherwise have, turning even the common orc into a much bigger threat.

While the Mournland is an area unique to Eberron, DMs looking to add some extra danger to their own campaign settings can still use Kendal Santor's Treatise on the Mournland as inspiration. After all, what world couldn't use a few sentient fireball spells looking to consume any adventurer that dares to cross it?


Kendal Santor's Treatise on the Mournland is available on the DMs Guild for $12.95.