New Tabletop Tokens Make Building 'Dungeons & Dragons' Encounter Maps a Breeze

A new set of tabletop tokens makes planning your next Dungeons & Dragons session a breeze.One of [...]

A new set of tabletop tokens makes planning your next Dungeons & Dragons session a breeze.

One of the more tedious parts about planning a Dungeons & Dragons session is drawing and building encounter maps, especially if you're a detail oriented Dungeon Master. While it's simple enough to just draw a few walls on some oversized grid paper to represent a dungeon or castle, many DMs want to add other details like furniture, carpets, and rock formations to help bring their worlds to life in tabletop form. That can translate into hours of drawing details for a map that can only be used a handful of times at best.

If you're looking for a quick way of adding details to your tabletop grid, you might want to check out Geek Tank's line of Tabletop Tokens. There are tokens for beds, tables, trees, rocks, campsites, fires, and more - all of which are perfect for adding a little bit of extra detail to your tabletop mat.

The Tabletop Tokens are made with a flexible but durable plastic material that are meant for multiple uses. The tokens are spill-proof and are optimized for use in 1x1 grid systems.

There are currently three sets of Tabletop Tokens: a "Camping Set" filled with tents, trees, rocks, and other tokens perfect for outdoor encounters, a "Castle Furnishing" set filled with beds, carpets, tables, walls and doors for indoor encounters, and a "Castle Siege" set filled with cannons, ballistas, and ladders for big castle battles.

Geek Tank developed the line after running a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, and they now have the Tabletop Tokens available for sale on their website.

Each set of Tabletop Tokens costs only $15.99 plus shipping, which means they're a great alternative to typical miniatures meant for "window dressing." Geek Tank has promised more products in the future, which hopefully means more useful Tabletop Tokens are on the way!