Death and Destruction Comes to 'Dungeons & Dragons' With New Total Party Kill Handbook

A new Kickstarter is raising money to publish twenty challenging encounters as part of a new Total [...]

A new Kickstarter is raising money to publish twenty challenging encounters as part of a new Total Party Kill Handbook.

2CGaming is raising funds for a new volume of their Total Party Kill Handbook, which gives dungeon masters various encounters with which to challenge their players. These encounters are specifically designed to discourage a head on fight and will push parties to work together if they want to survive and defeat their enemies.

All of the encounters are compatible with Dungeons & Dragons current Fifth Edition rules, and the encounters appear to be scalable to be compatible with different level parties. These encounters are meant to be easily dropped into existing campaigns, either as boss fights, or as random encounters meant to really challenge your party.

The new book will also include a "Hazards Workshop" section that gives DMs new terrain hazards and other traps to integrate into upcoming encounters.

To give supporters a taste of what they'll be getting, 2CGaming released a sample showing off their "Attack of the Mechagoblin" scenario, which will be included in Total Party Kill Handbook: Volume 2. The Mechagoblin is a mechanical construct that launches goblins into the field of battle via a catapult, and can also attack via spinning blades, a "destructo-whisk" that can restrain player characters, and a ranged elemental capacitor attack. While the Mechagoblin is ridiculous, it's also incredibly dangerous and can easily threaten a foolhardy party that doesn't have a plan of attack beforehand.

2CGaming released a first volume of the Total Party Kill Handbook back in 2016, and backers can order a revised version of the original book as part of the Kickstarter campaign.

The new Kickstarter has already met its funding goal, and supporters have about a week to pledge money and unlock additional stretch goals. 2CGaming estimates that all orders will be fulfilled by January 2019.

You can check out the Kickstarter for Total Party Kill Handbook: Volume 2 here.