Dungeons & Dragons Tests Out the Perfect New Subclass for Valentine's Day

Dungeons & Dragons has quietly dropped a new set of Unearthed Arcana containing three new subclasses, one of which seems to be a perfect choice for a Valentine's Day one-shot. Yesterday, Dungeons & Dragons posted a new Unearthed Arcana supplement on its website for public playtesting. The new playtest contains three new subclasses, the Bardic College of Creation, the Cleric Love Domain, and the Sorcerer of the Clockwork Soul. Two of these new subclasses - the College of Creation and the Clockwork Soul Sorcerer - tease an upcoming multiversal Planescape book, while the Love Cleric is a fun little touch for Valentine's Day.

The College of Creation draws upon the Song of Creation, the esoteric song believed to have created the universe, to power their abilities. When Creation Bards use their Bardic Inspiration, they can create a "Note of Potential" to provide players with a secondary boost that can either damage foes, provide temporary hit points, or allow players to re-roll their Bardic Inspiration dice. At higher levels, players can use the Song of Creation to temporarily create an item or temporarily breathe life into an object and use it to attack enemies.

The Love Domain is for clerics who serve one of the many deities dedicated to love. The cleric can create a bond between two willing creatures that allows them to add a d4 to one of their rolls once per turn whenever they are within 30 feet of each other. The love domain cleric can also temporarily make a creature infatuated with them, causing the creature to use its reaction to make a weapon attack against a target of your choice. At higher levels, the bond a cleric creates between creatures strengthens and allows them to protect each other from damage and grants them even more benefits should one of them fall in battle.

The Clockwork Soul Sorcerer is the most interesting of the three subclasses, largely due to its ties to Mechanus, a plane most associated with the Planescape campaign setting. Clockwork Soul Sorcerers can spend their reaction to grant advantage or disadvantage on any creature within 60 feet of them who is about to make an attack roll, saving throw, or ability check. At higher levels, the Clockwork Soul Sorcerer can also create magical wards that reduce damage, and enter a trance that causes all rolls of a 9 or lower to automatically become a 10 instead.


While the Unearthed Arcana wasn't publicized like past supplements, the document is currently available on D&D's website. The Clockwork Soul Sorcerer is one of the strongest signs yet that Dungeons & Dragons seems to be gearing up for a jaunt across its various planes, which should make some of its older fans excited for the future. You can check out all three Unearthed Arcana subclasses on D&D's website.