Hilarious 'Dungeons & Dragons' Chart Helps Players Pick a Class

A hilarious flowchart designed to help players choose a Dungeons & Dragons class is making its way around the Internet.

Earlier this week, Reddit user The_RenegadeDM shared a convoluted and hilarious flowchart that's designed to help Dungeons & Dragons players choose a class for their character. The flowchart starts with the beginning of a phrase for players to fill in, but eventually goes off on wild and unexpected directions.

[OC] A quick and easy to follow guide for choosing your class in 5e from r/DnD

The flowchart starts with, "When I fight, I like to..." and three different options. Depending on which answer they choose, players can quickly decide which of D&D's 12 core classes they should pick as the foundation for their character. The funniest answers are usually related to warlocks, which gain their powers from powerful abominations, gods, and other magical creatures. If you like saying the word "Eldritch" every six seconds or enjoy complicated origin stories involving creatures that might destroy the world, you're probably destined to become at warlock... at least according to this chart.

The creator of the chart also seems to have a soft spot for paladins, a class in which a god imbues a player with divine power to hit things with hammers very hard. There's also options for players who like being thorns in their DMs side or for players who don't like their choices and end up being a DM as a result. Even the Artificer and the Mystic, two classes that haven't officially appeared in D&D's Fifth Edition ruleset, make sneaky appearances in the flowchart.


If you're a D&D fanatic, you'll love this overly complicated flowchart. It's guaranteed to generate at least a few laughs and might even help you figure out what your next D&D character should be.