Learn to Write Your Own Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

A popular writing workshop for emerging tabletop creators has opened registration for its summer [...]

A popular writing workshop for emerging tabletop creators has opened registration for its summer workshop. The RPG Writer Workshop, a tabletop organization that teaches writers how to design their own RPG adventures, has opened registration for its flagship Write Your First Adventure course. The Workshop is an online learning program that helps aspiring narrative designers write their first adventure with the goal of entering the tabletop roleplaying gaming industry. While some of the course material is tailored to writing Fifth Edition modules, they can be easily adopted into any tabletop RPG. All lessons are taught online and cover every step of the adventure creation process, with lessons taught by Ashley Warren, JVC Parry, Alison Huang, Jessica Marcrum, and Anthony Joyce. The course takes place from July 1st to July 31st.

The RPG Writer Workshop was founded in 2018 by Ashley Warren, who is best known for her work for Wizards of the Coast on various official D&D adventures and as the lead editor and organizer for the best-selling Uncaged Anthology series. Warren is also a former college English teacher, researcher, and academic, meaning that she has experience in both writing successful adventures and teaching in an educational setting.

The Write Your Own Adventure course has three distinct paths - a free path that comes with downloadable templates and access to the Discord channel, a general Premium Path, and a Premium Path sponsored by the Dungeon Masters Guild, an online marketplace that allows use of official D&D IP. Both premium paths cost $29, and scholarships are available. The DMs Guild path also comes with access to four specialty maps by Marco Bernardini, and inclusion in a special bundle sold on the DMs Guild at the end of the class.

A lot of successful new RPG writers have gotten their start at The RPG Writer Workshop, and the workshop has led to a number of successful collaborations and anthologies. You can sign up here, or find out more information about the workshop on their website.