Dungeons & Dragons-Inspired Bourbon Line Coming From Matthew Lillard

The line of Dungeons & Dragons whiskey launches in November.

A new liquor company co-owned by Matthew Lillard launches later this year with a line of spirits inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Matthew Lillard and screenwriter Justin Ware have teamed up with Blue Run Spirits co-founder Tim Sparapani to launch Find Familiar Spirits, a new liquor company. Find Familiar's first product will be Quest's End, a new line of bourbon whiskey, with each bottle and flavor representing the next part in a continuous story designed by veteran DM and game designer Kate Welch with illustrations by renowned fantasy artist Tyler Jacobson. 

The first bottle is called Quest's End: Paladin and focuses on Sarin of the Pit, a paladin in service to Inxa, god of life, who was born in the fighting pit. Each bourbon flavor features taste notes inspired by the characters of the story, and features map, HP, and other elements meant to appeal to Dungeons & Dragons fans. 

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lillard noted that he's already talking to producers of other IPs to essentially create whiskeys that would appear in the world of those IPs and then be recreated in the real world to sell to fans of the projects. 

The first Quest's End bourbon will go on pre-order in October with an estimated fulfillment date of November. The bourbon's website can be found here. 

Matthew Lillard's Dungeons & Dragons Connection Explained

Matthew Lillard is a well-known Dungeons & Dragons fan who has played with the same group of players since college. Notably, Lillard is also a co-owner of Beadle & Grimm's, a boutique manufacturer of "adventures in a box" that takes existing D&D adventures and adds scripts, handouts, and other tools to help provide a more immersive experience while handling some of the prep for DMs. 

Lillard is also one of the executive producers of Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill!, an upcoming Dungeons & Dragons show featuring a group of Level 1 adventurers facing off against a high-level monster, with a total party kill ensured at the end of every episode. That show is set to air on the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Adventures FAST Channel that is set to debut later this year.