Oz Comes to Dungeons & Dragons

Andrews McMeel Publishing is turning Oz into a Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting. The tabletop publisher behind Zweihander has announced Oz: A Fantasy Role-Playing Setting, a new rulebook that provides rules for playing a Dungeons & Dragons campaign within the beloved city of Oz. The 216-page rulebook provides Game Masters with rules for exploring Neverland as an "urban setting pointcrawl" with secrets to discover, such as what happened to the infamous Slippers worn by Dorothy when she defeated the Wicked Witch of the West. Players can travel via train or monorail, explore the different neighborhoods of the Emerald City, and join various factions. You can check out the first teaser trailer for the new book below: 

Kolb is best known for his work on Neverland, a campaign setting book that similarly adapted the world from the Peter Pan books and plays for use in tabletop RPGs. Neverland was nominated for two ENnie Awards for Best Cover Art and Best Interior Art. Kolb is also a professional artist whose work can be found in multiple books and board games. 

Oz itself has been adapted for use in Dungeons & Dragons and multiple other RPG systems. An original RPG called Oz: Dark and Terrible transformed Oz into a dark steampunk world, while Adventures in Oz adapted the world for 5E back in 2021. Winged monkeys are also canonical creatures in Dungeons & Dragons, having been given official statblocks in both 3E and 5E books. 


Oz: A Fantasy Role-Playing Setting will be released on September 20th and will have a retail price of $34.99.