Dungeons & Dragons Reveals Redesigned Rogue Class

The Rogue gains some new abilities in Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons is rolling out its new version of the Rogue, one of the most iconic classes of the popular tabletop RPG. Today, Wizards of the Coast provided fans with a first look of the new class as part of its upcoming previews of the 2024 Player's Handbook. Unlike some of the other classes previewed last week, the new Rogue class is mostly in line with previous playtests, with a brand new subsystem that plays off of the Rogue's iconic Sneak Attack feature. The new Rogue rules will appear in the 2014 Player's Handbook, which is due out in September.

The biggest change to the Rogue from the 2014 class rules is the addition of Cunning Strike, an ability that utilizes the Rogue's unchanged Sneak Attack ability. Once Cunning Strike is unlocked at 5th Level, a Rogue can use Cunning Strike to deal less damage on their Sneak Attack to activate a secondary effect. For instance, a player can Poison or rip their target (the latter of which causes them to fall prone) or the Rogue can withdraw and move half their movement speed without provoking an attack of opportunity. Each Cunning Strike effect "costs" a D6 in Sneak Attack to use with the Rogue initially able to use one effect and then eventually gaining the ability to use multiple Cunning Strike effects. At Level 14, the Rogue gains access to even stronger Cunning Strike abilities that cost even more Sneak Attack D6s to use.

Rogues will also gain access to the Weapon Mastery system, similar to other martial-based classes. They also now have access to Steady Aim, a formerly optional ability from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything that allowed players to spend a Bonus Action to gain advantage on their next attack at the cost of not being able to move that turn. 

Other changes includes Reliable Talent shifting from a 11th Level ability to a 7th Level ability, Thieves Cant (a 1st Level ability) gaining an additional language proficiency, and Slippery Mind adding proficiency to Charisma saving throws in addition to Wisdom saving throws. 

The capstone ability for the Rogue at 20th Level, Stroke of Luck, also received an upgrade, with the ability now able to be used on Saving Throws and the ability turning a failed attack into a Natural 20 and a Critical Hit. 

The subclasses for Rogues have also been upgraded. The Arcane Trickster gains the ability to swap out cantrips when they level up, while the Assassin having an easier time to activate Assassinate and Death Strike (a good thing, as rules surrounding Surprise have changed.) The Soulknife notably gains weapon mastery on their psychic blades, and the Thief has an extra Cunning Strike option called Stealth Attack that keeps the Thief hidden when attacking. The Thief also eventually gains an additional attunement slot and can use Spell Scrolls regardless of class or other restrictions. 

Dungeons & Dragons will roll out more Class previews throughout the week, with the Warlock, Druid, Wizard, and Ranger all due for previews. You can check out all our coverage of the new D&D rules here.