WizKids Debuts Life-Sized Wand of Orcus Replica for Dungeons & Dragons

WizKids has announced plans to create life-sized replicas of one of Dungeons & Dragons' most infamous artifacts. WizKids has launched pre-orders for life-sized replicas of the Wand of Orcus, an infamous artifact wielded by the demon lord Orcus. The wand itself is 30-inches long and includes a wall-mounted display. This appears to be the Fifth Edition interpretation of the Wand of Orcus, which features a monstrous skull and a shaft made of obsidian. At least one previous interpretation of the Wand of Orcus used an actual spine bone for the wand's shaft. The replica Wand of Orcus will cost $149.99 and will be released in October.

The Wand of Orcus is one of Dungeons & Dragons' more notorious artifacts and is used by the Demon Lord of Undeath to kill any hero foolish enough to challenge him directly. Not only is the Wand of Orcus capable of instantly killing an opponent, it can literally steal the soul out of a living creature and turn them into a wight. In current Fifth Edition rules, Orcus can use the wand to cast the spells "circle of death," "finger of death," and "power word kill," and can also use the wand to conjure a massive swarm of undead creatures with aggregate hit points equal to 500 or less. Although many Demon Lords have their own signature weapon, none has quite the history as the Wand of Orcus, which has appeared in multiple D&D adventures, including Dead Gods and The Throne of Bloodstone.

The Wand of Orcus is one of several recently announced high-quality D&D items on the way from WizKids. In addition to a slate of miniatures based on upcoming adventures, WizKids has also announced plans to make a statue based off of the cover image of the Fiend Folio. WizKids has also announced a new line of Archdevils miniatures, along with a $400 premium figure of the dragon goddess Tiamat. WizKids previously released a figure of the demon lord Orcus himself, which is wielding a to-scale version of his Wand of Orcus.


You can pre-order the Wand of Orcus replica from WizKids' website.