Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets an Exciting New TV Spot

Dynasty Warriors 9 is starting to receive new TV commercial spots as the game draws closer to its [...]

Dynasty Warriors 9 is starting to receive new TV commercial spots as the game draws closer to its upcoming release date.

The latest look at the upcoming Dynasty Warriors game comes from a commercial that aired recently in Japan. With a new animation and some new music to accompany it, the commercial is just one of many trailers and TV spots that are to come leading up to Feb. 8 when the game is released in Japan with a Western release date of Feb. 13.

You might've noticed in the trailer that a big "8" is seen on the game's logo at the end of the commercial next to the game's release date. This might throw some players off if they've been waiting for the game but haven't been too invested in Dynasty Warriors series throughout the previous games, but rest assured that this commercial is still for Dynasty Warrior 9. The number associated with the English titles is one ahead of their Japanese counterparts since way back when Dynasty Warriors 2 was released in the West.

The release date for the upcoming Dynasty Warriors game was just recently announced earlier in the month, but fans of the series don't have to wait too much longer with the release just months away. It'll be released across several different platforms as well with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC all able to purchase the game when it's released.

Alongside the release date, Koei Tecmo has also been revealing plenty of new information recently. With so many games in the series, players have likely become attached to certain characters, but you'll luckily encounter quite a few of them in Dynasty Warriors 9. Koei Tecmo recently revealed some new characters shown in the tweet above, but they're just part of the 90 playable characters that you'll find in the game.

Look for Dynasty Warriors 9 when it's fully released everywhere on Feb. 13, but expect to see more about the game leading up to that release.