Earthworm Jim’s Creator Offers a Redesign Of His Famed Character – And Fans Love It

It’s been ages since we’ve heard from Earthworm Jim, the spectacular superhero that stormed [...]

Earthworm Jim

It's been ages since we've heard from Earthworm Jim, the spectacular superhero that stormed the video game scene in the 90's with a pair of adventures that are still a lot of fun to play today.

However, Doug TenNapel, the mastermind that gave Jim his iconic "wormy" design, still has him fresh on the brain, and today, he provided a new look for the hero, in his latest post to his Instagram account.

The image can be seen below, with TenNapel noting, "I'm sketching a slight redesign of Earthworm Jim." And, as you can see, it goes for more of a classic science fiction vibe than the traditional design – and it's got us wondering how he'd look in a new game.

Earthworm Jim 2
(Photo: Doug TenNapel Instagram)

Of course, there's nothing in the works, but we can't help but wonder how great it would be to see a hand-drawn style Earthworm Jim game.

Fans have been quite receptive of the drawing, noting, "Awesome! Can we get an all TenNapel EWJ graphic novel someday please???" and another stating, "Cool!!! The no X straps and the triangle part around the collar gives him a retro sci fi vibe!"

His page also includes a neat watercolor painting of Jim, as well as Evil the Cat, the "boss" from the What the Heck?! stage from the original Earthworm Jim game. They're all tying in together to TenNapel's Kickstarter campaign, in which he's making 100 different original watercolor inks to those that donate to said campaign.

It appears that his watercolor paintings not only include characters from Earthworm Jim, but also other games that he's worked on in the past, including the Sony PlayStation platformer Skullmonkeys (as part of the Neverhood franchise) and the recently released Armikrog.

TenNapel certainly knows his way around design, so if you're a fan of his, or you've been looking to get some inspired artwork for your game room, definitely give his Kickstarter a look. Who knows, this might just push him to bring back Earthworm Jim for…something. We'd even take a new album of banjo songs if that means blasting through space. "Groovy!"