Ed Boon Talks About Injustice 2 Possibilities On The Nintendo Switch

NetherRealm Studios’ Injustice 2 has become one of the better fighting games for this year, [...]


NetherRealm Studios' Injustice 2 has become one of the better fighting games for this year, offering a cavalcade of superstars from DC Comics, as well as other guests like Hellboy and Raiden, that have kept things fresh over the past few months. But some fans can't help but wonder – will the Nintendo Switch get a chance to check it out?

After all, the Switch is in need of a big fighting game, as it currently has titles like Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Ultra Street Fighter II and countless Neo-Geo brawlers at the moment. But Injustice 2 would hit the spot.

During the recent Brazil Game Show, GameSpot had a chance to speak with NetherRealm Studios creative director Ed Boon about the game's possibilities on Switch, and he noted that it could be done…mind a few shortcomings.

"Yeah, I think at the end of the day you can make almost any game…there are inevitable compromises, but you know, you can make some version of Injustice on the Atari 2600," he said. "It's not going to be great, but I bet you can make something."

Boon remained optimistic about the Nintendo Switch, though. And he's been exploring the idea, though nothing is official. "Yeah, actually, I do," he noted. "It is a pretty different hardware architecture; it's not like you can go from a PlayStation 4 to a Switch really easily. So I think we would need to set up something in terms of an external team. I know on the art team, we have enough people to do three console SKUs, and that would be something we'd need to work out."

He continued, "From the game player's perspective, would it be fun to play Injustice on (Switch)? I do think it would. You could have tournaments, everyone comes over with their own system and you can have whole structured tournaments and parallel gameplay and all that."

But, for now, it's not happening, as the team is focused on its DLC for Injustice 2 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But you never know – we could see it surface next year not only for Switch, but also PC. And the team could easily attach a second season of characters onto it.

Injustice 2 is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.