Elden Ring Artist Reveals New Concept Art

Another week has nearly come and gone without any substantial news on Elden Ring, but surprisingly, a bit of new information has actually surfaced. While this news doesn’t relate to the future of the game or its release date, it does tie back to the footage that we have actually seen of Elden Ring so far.

An artist by the name of Gabriel Bjork Stiernstrom has recently uploaded a ton of new art to their personal website that was done for Elden Ring. These new images are specifically in the form of concept art which was apparently put together to help create the reveal trailer for the game. Assuming that you’ve seen this trailer for Elden Ring (you can watch it above if you haven’t) then many of these images will look quite familiar.

That being said, what is being shown isn't exactly identical to the trailer. The concept art seems to feature a woman in some instances standing in front of an anvil. The location surrounding this character in some of the images also looks to be filled with sticks and roots, something which isn't really in the trailer. Despite the few differences, the art itself is excellent and is absolutely worth a look. You can find it all right here if you're interested.

The biggest downside is that, once again, there’s nothing wholly new to glean from these pieces of art about the future of Elden Ring. At least not that we can tell of right now. Still, if you’ve been slowly feeling yourself going mad without anything new to go off of, this is the most substantial thing we've seen in some time that is also officially associated with the game.


At the moment, Elden Ring still doesn’t have a release window but it is rumored to be launching at some point in 2021. The game is planned to come only to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC right now with a launch on next-gen platforms yet to be revealed. If you'd like to keep up with our coverage moving forward, you can do so by following this page.

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