Bethesda Delays The Elder Scrolls: Blades Nintendo Switch Release

Anyone who’s had an interest in The Elder Scrolls: Blades but has been waiting for the game to come to the Nintendo Switch will have to keep waiting a bit longer before they play. Bethesda announced on Wednesday that the game’s Switch port has been delayed in light of changes that are in the works for the game overall. Blades is now scheduled to be released for the Switch sometime in early 2020.

The news of the Switch release’s delay comes from the game’s latest Blades Town Hall post where Bethesda shared insights into how Blades is changing and what’s coming in the future. Amid talks of PvP and a “Major Loot Overhaul,” a section of the post said that the Switch port wouldn’t be releasing around its initial timeframe.

“We know how eager our players are to dive into Blades on the Nintendo Switch and we’ve been hard at work to make it happen,” Bethesda said. “Unfortunately, amidst all the other changes we’re making to Blades, we’ve had to delay our Switch release until early 2020. We can’t wait until you can begin your quest in Blades on the Switch, and we’re confident this additional time will let us deliver the polished gameplay our fans deserve. We deeply appreciate your patience! As we’ve mentioned in a previous Town Hall, PvP matches will be cross-platform between mobile versions and the Switch version when it releases.”

The changes referenced in the news of the Switch delay sound like ones players will be pleased to see based on what was said in the post and what the reactions have been like online. One of the biggest changes is the removal of the timers on chests which means that players won’t have to wait a fixed amount of time before they get to see what loot they’ve earned.


“We’re always looking for ways to improve the player experience in Blades,” Bethesda said. “We’ve heard your feedback, and with Update 1.5, we’re making some huge changes to our loot system, including one of the most highly-requested updates: The complete removal of Chest timers! That’s right - starting with the update, your Chests will open immediately. No longer will you have to wait to see what’s inside!”

The Elder Scrolls: Blades does not yet have a release date on the Nintendo Switch, but it’s scheduled to release for that platform in early 2020.