Electronic Arts May Be Coming Back to Steam

It appears as though Electronic Arts is poised to make a return to Steam, at least as far as anyone can tell based on a sole Twitter teaser. The company behind games such as Star Wars Battlefront 2, Battlefield V, and Apex Legends teased its potential Steam return with a brief video that showed only an Electronic Arts-branded coffee cup with steam coming out of it. A series of ellipsis foreshadowed what’s to come as people are now anticipating some sort of Steam announcement in the near future.

Electronic Arts shared the teaser in question within the tweet below that showed the hint of the Steam comeback. While it doesn’t explicitly say what’s going to happen, there aren’t really many directions this teaser could go beyond having Electronic Arts games on Steam again.

PC owners who’ve been playing their games on a mix of launchers in the past few years will know that Electronic Arts has its own launcher and game shop in the form of Origin. This is the place where past releases have been housed for years now after the company moved away from Steam releases.

This teaser is followed by a discovery a Twitter user by the name of RobotBrush made earlier in the week (thanks, Eurogamer). The user discovered an application that would allow Origin games to run on Steam.


It’s unclear what the full implications of this Electronic Arts teaser are, but the basic assumption is that at least some of the company’s games will make their way to Steam. It could be the older games that never released on Steam following the launch of Origin, but it could result in current hits like Apex Legends being playable through Steam even if you still have to use the Origin launcher to start them. One would expect that future releases from Electronic Arts like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order would also come to Steam as well since that’s a game many people – PC users or not – already have eyes on and would probably love to play through Steam.

Whatever Electronic Arts may have planned, expect some sort of announcement to be shared soon now that the teaser is out there.