Epic Games Store Leak Reveals Final Fantasy 9 Remake and Other Unannounced Games

Epic Games may have confirmed some previous leaks, and revealed new projects.

Several unannounced video games may have been leaked thanks to EpicDB. The new website is meant to be an equivalent to SteamDB, and posters on ResetEra have discovered that the pages for multiple publishers accidentally included codenames for unannounced projects. Several posters went to work investigating those codenames, and may have figured out some games. Sony's currently unconfirmed PC port of The Last of Us Part II seems to be listed under the codename "Utah" while a Turok game from Saber Interactive is mentioned. Epic Games Store releases for Red Dead Redemption and Final Fantasy XVI also seem to have been uncovered. 

Final Fantasy IX Remake

Perhaps the biggest thing discovered in the EpicDB leak is further evidence for the Final Fantasy IX remake; the game seems to have been listed under the codename "Momo." While that name might seem unusual, ResetEra users discovered that Momo has a listing for something called a "Tetra Master Starter Pack." For those that never played Final Fantasy IX, Tetra Master is the name of a card based minigame that appeared in the original release. 

At this point, Square Enix's remake of Final Fantasy IX is basically the worst kept secret in gaming, as its existence was revealed in a leak by NVIDIA several years ago, and there has been plenty of additional evidence for its existence since then. Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb said last year that the remake is "definitely real" and reliable leaker Midori stated just this month that development is "very far along."

Can We Trust These Leaks?

While this leak seems to be legitimate and backs up some of the things we've heard in the past, there are reasons to believe that not all of these games are actually happening. In fact, given how often projects are scrapped before they even get announced, some of these games might have been planned at one point and already cancelled. 

One ResetEra poster weighed in on the legitimacy of the leak, and exactly what happened. User WackoWambo states that they "can confirm it's very real but some of the codenames aren't in active production and were just a test project to see how publishing on epic works." That could be the case, but since these leaks started to go viral, the EpicDB website seems to have been taken offline, perhaps to remove any unannounced projects that weren't meant to be seen. Time will tell which of these leaks actually proves to be legitimate, so readers should just take all of this with a grain of salt for now! 

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