Epic Games Store Reveals Next Month's First Free Game

With another Epic Games Store game available for free now right on schedule, the next free game and the first one that'll be given away in October has been revealed. Next week, starting on September 30th, Epic Games Store users will be able to download Europa Universalis IV for free. The game will be up for grabs for a week just like the free games typically are, so you'll have until October 7th to add it to your collections.

Epic Games revealed the first free game of October on Thursday right when it made this week's game free. For those unfamiliar with Europa Universalis IV, the game comes from Paradox Development Studio and is a strategic game where you bolster and manage a nation to spread its influence across the globe.

"Paradox Development Studio is back with the fourth installment of the award-winning Europa Universalis series," a preview of the soon-to-be-free game said. "The empire building game Europa Universalis IV gives you control of a nation to guide through the years in order to create a dominant global empire. Rule your nation through the centuries, with unparalleled freedom, depth and historical accuracy. True exploration, trade, warfare and diplomacy will be brought to life in this epic title rife with rich strategic and tactical depth."

That title is not even available right now on the Epic Games Store for purchase either, so next week's arrival will be the first time that anyone's able to get it through that platform. The game itself was released several years ago on PC when it launched in August 2013.

That's what's planned for next week, so while you'll have to wait until then to get that game, you won't have to wait that long to get something for free. Epic Games is currently giving away The Escapists through the Epic Games Store, a game which, along with its sequel, has been given away through different platforms more than once in the past.


"The Escapists is a unique prison sandbox experience with lots of items to craft and combine in your daring quest for freedom," a preview of The Escapists said. "Life in prison will keep you on your toes with the strict rules that you'll have to break. The guards are out to stop any escape attempts, so you'll have to avoid suspicious behaviour by attending roll calls, working a prison job and hiding your stolen craftables."

The Escapists is now available for free through the Epic Games Store with Europa Universalis IV scheduled to be free starting on September 30th.