Exalted RPG Is Getting a Television Show

The tabletop roleplaying game Exalted is being developed into a television show. The British production company Jenkins & Tate announced that they were working on a live-action adaptation of the tabletop roleplaying game Exalted, which was originally published by White Wolf Publishing, the maker of Vampire: The Masquerade and other World of Darkness games. The Exalted television show will be developed "alongside" Paradox Interactive, the video game publisher that owns White Wolf Publishing and its portfolio of games.

In Exalted, players create an Exalted, a human given extraordinary powers by the gods and chosen to serve as their champion. The Exalted have different abilities based on the deity or power that granted them powers, and many of the sects of Exalted have complicated relationships. Exalted originally had loose ties to the mythology of the World of Darkness games, but that relationship has become tenuous after both games went through several editions' worth of revisions.

As part of their announcement, Jenkins & Tate also released a synopsis of the television show, which roughly corresponds to the default starting point for the game. The synopsis reads as follows:


The fantasy TV show Exalted is set 800 years after the fall of the Solar Exalted. With the Scarlet Empress missing, those in the know believe the saviour of the realm will not return.

The bureaucrats and the eleven great Dragon Houses of the realm, nearly all of whom claim direct descent from the Empress, have done what they can to keep this secret and maintain peace and control. However, the realm sits on the edge of civil unrest as the Houses ignore the threat of the Celestial Exalted in order to position themselves and take control of the realm.

In a distant village to the east of the realm, a Solar Exalted will arise and a new journey will begin...

This is the second tabletop RPG that Jenkins & Tate is developing into a TV show. They previously announced earlier this year that they were developing the game Scion (also a White Wolf title) into a show. This is also the second tabletop game announced for a TV deal this week, following yesterday's announcement that Blades in the Dark was also becoming a show.