Blades in the Dark TV Show in Development

A television show based on the popular tabletop roleplaying game Blades In The Dark is in development from Warp Films. The news of the new television show came in a report about Warp Films entering into a financing deal with Anton (which previously financed the HBO series His Dark Materials) to develop and produce a robust slate of movies and TV series. One series mentioned was a project based on Blades In The Dark, a tabletop roleplaying game in which players become members of a criminal organization. Blades in the Dark creator John Harper shared the news on Twitter and noted that he was excited to bring the world of Blades in the Dark to life on screen.

Evil Hat Productions published Blades in the Dark in 2017 after a Kickstarter campaign successfully raised nearly $180,000. The game focuses on players assuming control of a criminal enterprise and building it up collectively. Not only do players gain more abilities as they complete various objectives and achievements. Players must balance advancing their own characters with continuing to grow their crime syndicate, as both unlock various boons and other narrative and mechanical benefits. Notably, the game system uses 6-sided dice to make checks. Players roll a number of 6-sided dice based on what skill they use, with the success of that check determined by the highest number shown on any of the dice. A full success happens on a 6, a partial success occurs on a 4 or 5, and a bad outcome occurs on a 1, 2, or 3.

Blades in the Dark won several awards and has remained popular due to its innovative mix of fantasy and crime and a strong narrative system.

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