F1 2021 Reveals New "Features" Trailer

The summer is bringing a brand new racing game for players everywhere to enjoy, in the form of F1 [...]

The summer is bringing a brand new racing game for players everywhere to enjoy, in the form of F1 2021, the latest installment in EA's popular F1 series. This new edition will not only have the added benefit of releasing on next-gen consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, but it is also a bit of an overhaul of the franchise itself, at least when it comes to its various campaign modes.

F1 2021 will have the biggest story mode of any game in the series to-date, along with a two-player career mode and several other features that haven't been present in previous installments. On Wednesday, EA and Codemasters revealed a brand new trailer for F1 2021 that shows off all of the new features coming to the game. You can check it out in the video above!

At a recent press conference for the game, F1 franchise director Lee Mather opened up about the dramatic storyline that will be at the heart of Braking Point story mode. This will start your player, Aiden Jackson, in the Formula Two circuit, on a mission to get to the highest level of the sport.

"So you start in Formula Two, again, it's a journey story, starting out as Aiden Jackson, a young up-and-coming driver, completing his Formula Two career, moving into the world of Formula One in the 2020 season before finally moving into '21 and graduating as a fully fledged Formula One driver," Mather said. "It's not also just about Aiden, there's other characters in there. So we've also got a character called Casper Ackerman. Ackerman is a more mature driver. He'd come into the end of his career is fighting with the demons as to whether he should still be in the sport. And of course, there's also the team bosses around as well. You've got to have a team boss they're important for the running of the team, the management of the drivers."

Mather also addressed the return of fan-favorite villain Devon Butler, who was shown in the new trailer.

"Something I haven't mentioned is the return of Devon Butler. So when we did the feeder series in F2, 2019, Devon became an instant star," said Mather. "We put a lot of time and effort into building a villain, so to speak and he's returned in this really does continue to show his true colors. So we're really excited to see how people duel with the story, how they enjoy the interaction between the characters, but also the visual spectacle that I think we've put together for this."

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F1 2021 will arrive on July 16th on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.