Is Xbox Teasing a New Fable Game?

Is Microsoft teasing a new Fable game for Xbox Series X? The official Xbox Twitter has been making some very weird tweets lately, and they appear to point towards something Fable-related. As a result, Xbox fans are wondering if the Fable 4 on Xbox Series X rumors are true and whether or not the new installment in the Fable franchise will be revealed soon.

The initial tweet that caught the eye of Fable fans was one talking about when your custom character shows up in a cutscene. To illustrate how absurd some cutscenes can get with custom characters, the account showed a character with a chicken hat/head. Of course, this could be nothing, but in the context of the recent Fable rumors, it seems to be a pretty big wink towards the franchise.

In fact, when pressed about whether or not this is a Fable reference, the Twitter account opted to decline confirming or denying the connection, and rather continued to tease the Fable series.

Of course, it's quite possible this isn't a Fable reference at all. However, given the reply, this seems unlikely. That said, even if it's a Fable reference that doesn't confirm it's a subtle tease at a new Fable game. However, that's what many Xbox fans are running with.


Even if this isn't a Fable tease, it's safe to assume a new Fable game is in development at this point. There's way too much smoke for there not to be any fire. The more pertinent question is what kinda Fable game will it be? Will it be Fable 4? A reboot of the series? A spin-off? Prequel? Unfortunately, for now, all we can do is speculate. Personally, I'm placing my bet on a hard reboot.

As always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. Is this a subtle tease about a new Fable game or just the Xbox Twitter account having some fun with fan's expectations and anticipation?