New Fable Update Has Some Fans Worried About the Game

A new update about the new Fable game -- dubbed Fable 4 by many Xbox fans looking forward to the Xbox Series X|S and PC game -- has fans of the dormant series worried. The update comes the way of Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios. Booty had both a lot to say about the game and nothing at all to say about it during a recent interview. In other words, he said a lot of words about it and the developer making it, Playground Games, but it was almost all filler and inconsequential. However, one part has stuck out to fans and been making the rounds, and that's when Booty says Playground Games is attempting to make a "modern take" on Fable.

If you're a fan of the RPG series this isn't what you want to hear as it suggests some fundamental and major changes made in the name of modernity. And this is why the term has a negative connotation. How much there is to Booty's usage of the saying, only time will tell, but it's enough to have some fans over on Twitter worried.

"'We are going to remake Fable for a modern audience' So it's s**t right, you are going to make the game shit," reads one tweet about the news. "Why did you just not say that? It's okay man I get it, a lot of recent game titles haven't been good. No need to hide your feelings.

"Fable was really good and actually still plays like a simple modern game, there's very little clunk to it," adds another user. "The fact they're saying the new one is a 'modern take' couldn't be any scarier."

So far, none of the implicated parties -- Booty, Xbox, Playground Games, nor anyone involved with the latter two -- have commented on the situation. If this changes, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. 

Before this quote began to circulate, many fans were already worried about the game due to the prolonged radio silence and reports of development troubles. In fact, some fans have been worried since the game's reveal in the summer of 2020 due to the fact that it's being made by Playground Games, a studio that makes racing games and that has no experience making RPGs. 

At this point, the game -- which once had a lot of excitement behind its back -- now needs to overcome some concerns and doubts, which is never a good place to be when you're rebooting a beloved IP.