Facebook Gaming Opens Tournaments in Early Access

As part of an emphasis on social distancing during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Facebook Gaming has launched a new early access tournaments function today that allows folks to create, host, and compete through tournament brackets via Facebook. While some of these functions appear to be limited to Facebook itself, there doesn't appear to be anything stopping folks from simply using Facebook Gaming's tournaments as an online bracket of sorts between friends.

"Social distancing means we have to be apart, but games can still bring us together," Facebook's announcement today reads in part. "So today we’re opening early access to Facebook Gaming tournaments, a feature to help people stay connected through games." You can create your own Facebook Gaming tournaments right here, though be warned: there are several steps to get all of the details pulled together.


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Facebook Gaming's tournaments are now available, in early access, to everyone. While there's seemingly no official blog post or press release yet, there is an FAQ section on Facebook's website all about tournaments and how to set them up. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Facebook right here.