Fall Guys, Fortnite, and Rocket League Crossover Event Gives Out Rewards in Each Game

Epic Games is holding a unique three-way event right now featuring Fall Guys, Fortnite, and Rocket League with players able to earn rewards in all three of those games. This event which has been dubbed "Crown Clash" went live this week and will be around from now until July 11th, so players have plenty of time to collect all of the rewards. The only catch is that this event is centered around Fall Guys and not the other two games, so if you want Rocket League and Fortnite rewards, you'll have to first spend some time with Fall Guys.

That won't be hard to do for many people since Fall Guys already hit over 20 million players after its free-to-play transition, and to make things even easier, you don't even have to win Fall Guys matches to earn the rewards. The most you have to do is simply play the game with players earning more rewards based on how many rounds they've played up to a max of 100 rounds.

Over on the Epic Games site, the landing page for the Crown Crash event details exactly how this all works. Once you log in with your Epic Games account there, you'll be able to see your individual progress as you work through the rewards. You'll notice that the challenges task players with completing a certain number of rounds to earn three rewards in each tier, one each for Fall Guys, Fortnite, and Rocket League.

Naturally, the best rewards are towards the end of the challenge. Fortnite players get a new skin after playing 100 Fall Guys rounds, Rocket League players get a boost, and Fall Guys players get 1,200 Kudos. It's a bit disappointing that the rewards for Fall Guys are only Kudos each time, but perhaps Epic Games felt that players would amass a ton of rewards in that game anyway after playing through 100 rounds.

For those less familiar with Fall Guys terminology, note that this challenge is not asking you to play 100 Fall Guys matches. A "round" in this game means an individual course players stumble through – so Dizzy Heights, Door Dash, Freezy Peak, etc. – which means that depending on which show you've selected and how far you get in a match, you can easily play through quite a few rounds in a short amount of time.

Fall Guys' Crown Clash event is live now and will be around until July 11th.