Fall Guys Brings Back Half-Life Skin

Fall Guys has brought back another one of its Valve skins to the game’s item shop for people [...]

Fall Guys has brought back another one of its Valve skins to the game's item shop for people playing on Steam and for the first time, it's available to those on the PlayStation 4 as well. The skin is Alyx from the Half-Life franchise, and if you've got the Crowns saved up, it can be yours for a limited time until it's rotated out for another cosmetic. Alyx is one of several Valve skins that have been added so far, and like the other ones, it's a Legendary cosmetic which means it'll take up a lot of your Crowns to own.

For those who've never seen it when it was first available on the PC version, the Half-Life skins can be seen below courtesy of the official Fall Guys Twitter account. The faceplate itself is of course not part of the skin since you can swap that out with whatever color you may have in your inventory, but the top and the bottom parts of the outfit will look the same in your game if you purchase it.

To get the skin, you'll have to have at least 10 Crowns to spend. The top and bottom halves cost five Crowns each like most other Legendary cosmetics have in the past.

The skin was available early on in the life of Fall Guys, but because of its lofty Legendary status, it wasn't available to everyone with people still getting the hang of Fall Guys levels and tricks. It was also a Steam exclusive at that point just as the other Valve skins were, but Mediatonic thankfully changed that later. An update released in August made it so that players on the PlayStation 4 would be able to get the Valve skins as well when they returned to the item shop as long as the players saved up enough Crowns before their arrivals.

Mediatonic also recently announced that it'll be giving away a free skin for everyone that'll turn players into a winged unicorn called "Twinklycorn." A release date for the skin hasn't been announced yet, but the developer said it'll be given away within the next few weeks.

The announcement of this free skin and the return of the Alyx skin follows the big update released recently that added a new feature called "Big Yeetus" and cracked down on cheaters. You can read more about what's in that update here.