Fall Guys: Mid-Season Update Adds Random Level Variations, Big Yeetus, and More

The popular battle royale obstacle course that is Fall Guys received a beefy mid-season patch today for PlayStation 4 and PC that introduces random level variations, new anti-cheat, and the much-anticipated "Big Yeetus" in addition to bug fixes and the like. While detailed patch notes have yet to be shared, developer Mediatonic has offered some insight into what folks can expect in what is delightfully being called the "BIG YEETUS & ANTI-CHEATUS" update.

"With this latest patch, you will quickly start to see that all is not what it seems in The Blunderdome," states Anthony Pepper, Senior Designer at Mediatonic, in the PlayStation blog post detailing the new patch's changes. "Familiar favourites will have to be tackled in all new ways, with the addition of dozens of obstacles, dizzyingly random rotations and of course, plenty of tumbling fruit. And what's more, players will have no idea when these changes will occur — no bean's dignity shall be spared!"

Fall Guys is currently available on both PlayStation 4 and PC. It continues to be updated, and the mid-season update is now available. Season 2 of the popular video game is set to launch in October. Developer Mediatonic has yet to officially announce a version of the video game for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or mobile, but it would appear that it is gauging demand. It is currently unclear whether it might show up on either of the next-gen consoles. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the wildly popular title right here.


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