Next Fall Guys Update Will Add New Level, Lil Yeety, and More

Fall Guys is getting a new update next week that's adding another level for players to stumble through along with other features like something called "Lil Yeety." We saw the origins of this new level called "Big Fans" not long ago to show what the name could've been, and in the latest preview of the level, we've gotten to see what it actually looks like thanks to a teaser trailer.

The Fall Guys Twitter account alerted players to the timing of the new update's release and shared some details about what'll be inside it when it drops next week. Headlining the update is the Big Fans level which, as its name suggests, is filled with big fans players have to jump across while spinning mechanisms threaten to toss them off the edge. You can see the Big Fans level in action below courtesy of Mediatonic.

Even if you're not scaling fans in the Big Fans mode often, the new update has other features to look forward to as well. The second part that stands out most is the Lil Yeety feature which wasn't detailed in the tweet, but based on past features added to Fall Guys, we can imagine what it'll be like. Fall Guys added Big Yeetus in Season 1, a massive hammer that can either help or hinder players depending on how they try to use it and how the game's physics decides to treat them. After that, a similarly chaotic obstacle called "Thicc Bonkus" was added in Season 2 in the form of a spiked pendulum log that arcs back and forth to shove players off their paths. Lil Yeety should be right at home with these sorts of features, whatever it may end up being.

The next Fall Guys update is also adding "lots of fixes" which weren't detailed but sound promising along with a new naming system. "Loads of level variations" sounds just fine as well since it means the levels players have gotten so used to by now will look a bit different to keep players on their toes.


An exact release date for the new Fall Guys update hasn't been announced, but we can expect to see it drop next week along with more details about what's included in it.