New Fall Guys Feature Is Straight Out of Super Mario 64

Fall Guys is adding a new feature in the Season 3.5 update that’ll look familiar to anyone who’s played Super Mario 64 and had an inclination to toss a penguin over a cliff. The update will add a few of the battle royale game’s penguins to different levels that they weren’t normally in which will allow players to pick up the penguins and carry them about the obstacle courses. That also means that you can let them loose over the edge if you choose to do so.

Over on the Fall Guys Twitter account, Mediatonic offered a preview of the game’s upcoming Season 3.5 update. A video shared showed a player holding a penguin on what appeared to be the Tundra Run round, but instead of leaving the penguin be or escorting it to a safer location, the player chucked it over the side of the course.

The same will inevitably happen whenever that Season 3.5 update drops as well and players are able to get their hands on these penguins outside of the normal rounds they’re available in. There’ll be people who do it regardless of whether they played Super Mario 64 or not, but those who did play the classic Mario game will recall exactly why this moment is referred to as “THE THING” in the tweet above.

In Super Mario 64, players at one point have to carry a penguin back to its mother in exchange for a golden star. After you’ve obtained your reward, you’re free to toss that penguin over the edge of the icy level without worrying about any consequences. Other players within the replies to the initial tweet shared clips of the original moment unfolding for those who never played Super Mario 64 and are out of the loop.

Whether you played the previous game or not, you can expect this feature to drop in the Season 3.5 update. When that update will release has not yet been announced, but we can expect a full set of patch notes to detail everything that’s changed whenever it’s ready to go.